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Office at home for Payday Loans/Check Cashing

Office at home for Payday Loans/Check Cashing

ACH Interface for Home Business Office

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Multi-site operators will relish the convenience and information consolidation features provided by the best home business office System (HOS). The best office at home System uses the net to place the charged energy of real information in both hands when you need it. Data is kept at each and every location in addition to a protected location off premise. The HOS is present as an on-premise or remote (perfect web web Hosting) system. Information retrieval by shop, area, or company wide. Immediate protection against numerous improvements. Redundant information back-up protects against loss. The machine provides data that are secure. Tall speed net connection is necessary.

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The Central Database Inquiry System (CDIS) is software module that enables numerous areas to gain access to a main database of clients. These inquires are done in real-time via the internet. Whenever a client is wanting to process a deal, your staff will straight away know if they’ve done company at another location if so, their status. This stops numerous loans or cashing multiple bad checks for the exact same consumer. The device not merely tracks client activity, moreover it tracks check manufacturer task. All of your other locations will be alerted if you cash a bad payroll check from an employer. Tall speed net connection is necessary.


This computer pc software module was created to enable client checks prepared after all business areas become audited from the location that is central. Using the check image and look information supplied to your Residence workplace from the Magtek check imager, you can easily review and audit checks from places within minutes to be prepared.