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RV Jargon Terms and Whatever They Mean. COMPONENTS AND CAMPING TERMS

RV Jargon Terms and Whatever They Mean. COMPONENTS AND CAMPING TERMS

Similar to any style of tradition or life style, RVing has it is slang terms that may frequently be confusing to those who find themselves unknown, or brand brand new, to RV living and camping. We now have put together a “newbie”(someone not used to the RV globe) a number of a few of the more popular jargon term employed by frequent RVers.

RV Terms:

Chassis – Metal framework giving support to the bodywork and engine.

Cockpit – Area where in fact the motorist sits.

Basement – space area under the flooring regarding the engine house, frequently available through the exterior.

Boondocking (or Dry Camping) – Camping without setting up to your electric, sewer or water facilities. You’ll nevertheless have electricity through the batteries or generator in your motor house and water from your own fresh water tank that is holding.

Dinghy (or Toad) – Vehicle towed behind your engine house.

Dump Station – Facility where you could clear your black colored and water that is gray tanks (see keeping tanks for description).

Extensive keep web web Site – Park or campsite where you could remain for a longer time period, even as much as a season that is entire.

Complete Hookup – Campsite with direct connections to electricity, sewer and water amenities.

Galley – Kitchen.

Keeping Tanks – you can find three various keeping tanks on motor homes that are most: